Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 results

Last saturday there was the Skullcandy Railbattle in Zoetermeet, Netherlands. The kids started this whole event. The weather was good and the music was great!

1. Max de Vries
2. Jesse Augustinus
3. Pieter Krall

1. Rachida AouladelHajamar
2. Veroniqi Hanssen
3. Melissa Peperkamp

1. Kas Lemmens
2. Boas van Olden
3. Cees Wille

Ski Men
1. Mees van Lierop
2. Sebastiaan Renooy
3. Jelle van den Berg

Ski Ladies
1. Canisia Romani
2. Isabelle Hanssen
3. Katrien Aerts

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2 thoughts on “Skullcandy Railbattle 2012 results

  1. unknown says:

    ski men 3th place was Jelle van den Berg xD

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